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Hospital Safety Score Archival Report




Ensure that you have all the information used in past iterations of the Hospital Safety Score. Compare the source data used in calculating your hospital’s June 2012 Hospital Safety Score, the November 2012 Hospital Safety Score, and the May 2013 Hospital Safety Score. In addition to the letter grade received each scoring period, these reports show your hospital’s performance on each individual measure comprising the Hospital Safety Score along with the measure weight and national mean for each measure. This information can be used by hospitals to target areas for improvement.

With your report order, you will receive:

  • June 2012 Safety Score calculator
  • June 2012 scoring methodology
  • November 2012 Safety Score calculator
  • November 2012 scoring methodology
  • Spring 2013 Safety Score calculator
  • Spring 2013 scoring methodology
  • October 2013 Safety Score calculator
  • October 2013 scoring methodology
  • Weight changes from June to November, November to May and May to October

Reports will be emailed to you.